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Official Rules

Read the rules before you break some of them,and getting punished without a reason!

In-Game Rules

No spamming, auto typers (mute)
No advertising other websites or private servers (ipban)
No advertising a keylogger/rat or any kind of virus ( ipban)
No duplicating items (ipban)
No abusing any type of bug
No scamming 
No farming kills (=jail)
No disrespecting the moderators
No Ddosing or talk about it (ipban)
No flaming on yell
No luring over yell 
No using auto clickers (jail)
No using auto buyers, cheat engines, or clients (ban)

Luring is allow

Dont ask for Staff! ( post a staff  application)

Dont ask a staff for items! (mute)

no gadderhammer in death matchs or staking! (jail)

Forum Rules

No offensive material in your avatar/signature
No spamming
No posting pornography/nudes
No posting or in someway showing other pictures or or information of another person 
without permission
No advertising other private servers or websites
No advertising keyloggers/rats or other kind of viruses
No posting an moderator application without meeting the requirements
No "Troll" or "Joke" moderator applications
No posting on a report staff topic unless you're posting legitimate proof
No creating topics in the wrong sections
Username must be 1-25 characters long, no more than 25